About Us

AlbertaBeerTours.ca came about as an idea between Richard Baikie and Brian MacKay during an after-work beer one day. As enthusuastic homebrewers and lovers of Alberta made beer, the idea of safely touring provincially breweries seemed like something that others would also be interested in. With that and a little elbow grease, the idea came to fruition in the late-summer of 2018.

Richard Baikie

A Power Engineer by trade, working as a SCADA analyst in the Oil and Gas world, Richard took up home brewing in 2017 and took to it like a fish to water. More to come...

Brian MacKay

Brian started working with Richard as a SCADA Analyst in late 2016 and has operated the web development company Tooq Inc since 2009. Prior to software, Brian worked in hospitality in the Edmonton area for 17 years. He's been brewing off and on since 2002.


AlbertaBeerTours.ca is run via Tooq Inc.