Beer Tour FAQs

This page is a work in progress and we'd love to hear any questions you have so we can add them here. Have a read and then use the form below if there's something you'd like to know.

What is the minimum age required to take a tour?

For all tastings, one must be the age of majority in Alberta, currently set at 18. For our open tours, we require everyone be 18 years old and up, however, if you're booking a private tour, we can work with you to accommodate any minors with alternate activities such as hard labour.

How Smashed Can I Get?

We expect every group will have it's own dynamic, however, we cater to a wide-range of beer enthusiasts, not serial over-indulgers. All participants are required to remain polite and in-control for all tours, and all tour and brewery staff are to be treated with respect. If you are a racist, misogynist, angry drunk, or simply find that you can't hold a conversation with a stranger without it turning into an argument, then we're not the tour for you.

Verbal or physical abuse of other patrons, brewery staff, bar staff, hotel staff, tour staff, drivers, etc, will result in ejection from the tour.

Some Legs of the Bus Ride Are Pretty Long, What Are We Doing To Kill Time?

We're not huge fan of playing group games with strangers and figure that there are others that feel that way too. We also hate boredom, so we aim to combat that with a special guest on each tour. That person will be someone directly tied to the industry in Alberta who will spend some time on the bus talking about their craft, their products, their background, or whatever they think will be interesting to the tour.

We will do a round of intros on the tour, so you should be ready to stand up and introduce yourself with a little bit of additional info. This allows everyone a chance to meet a few new people should they choose and provide a relaxed atmosphere on the tour.

What Do I Need To Pack?

Generally, you can pack lightly. Meals will be in breweries, pubs, or hotels unless otherwise mentioned. Jeans and t-shirts are generally fine anywhere we go, but you're welcome to wear your finery if you like.

Please bring a toothbrush and deodorant for the sake of seatmates and those around you.

A water-bottle for the bus, smartphone charge, etc. are all good to have. Depending on space, we may allow some coolers so you can buy beer to bring home while keeping it cold.

What Kind Of Accommodations Can I Expect and How Is Pairing Done?

You will be responsible for booking your own accommodations unless otherwise stated. We will block a series of rooms in the city/town we are staying in and provide you with reservation details. Hotel blocks will be chosen for a mix of availability, number of stars, and customer ratings. We'll generally aim for reliable brand name hotels such as Best Western, Holiday Inn, etc. where cleanliness and amenity levels are predictable.

Should you stay elsewhere from the tour, you will have to provide your own transport to and from the tour hotel.

What Does a Typical Overnight Tour Look Like?

Assuming a weekend tour, we will all meet at the starting brewery sometime in the mid-morning to load up the bus and start our first tour. Once the tour is done and everyone has gone pee, we hop on the bus and head for our first out-of-town brewery.

Most tours will have beer on the bus, and you will receive tickets you can redeem. This allows us to control some consumption and ensure our bus company continues to work with us. We ask that you don't consume your own booze on the bus.

On the bus, we'll complete introductions and then our special guest will present for 30-60 minutes and take some questions. Depending on travel time, we may through on a movie, stop for a meal, give away some door-prizes, etc. We'll complete tours along the way and then go for the included dinner as a group. The aim is to leave you to your own devices by around 20:00 where you can explore other attractions/bars/pubs/clubs and make your own way back to the hotel. We'll generally hole up in a local pub and probably buy a few beers.

In the morning, we'll knock on a few doors and ring a few cell phones to get everybody up where we'll meet for breakfast and board the bus. The return trip usually has a tour or two on the way home where we'll stop at one last brewery for a tasting and tour. We'll hand-off any swag we've got for you (tour pint glasses will be stowed until this point so you don't have to worry about them, etc). We'll board the bus one last time to get you back to your vehicle (or you can cab/Uber from the last stop instead).

Why Is There No Phone Number To Contact You? is a passion project. We currently spend our days working for the man and so we can't field calls during regular business hours. Tour guests will have cell phone access to the tour guides.

In the meantime, please use the form below and we'll be in touch that way.

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