Alberta Beer Tour Packages

February 2019 Update: 

We're starting to work on two packages for 2019 (and maybe a third) and look forward to hearing you input on which breweries you'd like to see. Please join the conversation below to let us know what you'd like!

Trip One: Western Alberta Beer Tour

Target Date: April/May 2019
Itinerary: Edmonton to Jasper, one night (likely staying in Hinton)
Possible Stops: Alley Kat, Sea Change, Omen, Apex Predator, Folding Mountain, Jasper Brewing (There's not a lot of choices on this trip other than where we hit in Edmonton).

Trip Two: Rocky Mountain Beer Tour

Target Date: August, possibly the long weekend
Itinerary: Edmonton to Canmore, two nights
Options for Stops: Alley Kat, Sea Change, Blindman, Origin (malting tour), Bottle Manufacturer in Airdrie (they make the fliptop bottles), Stops in Calgary, Canmore Brewing, Grizzly Paw, Banff Ave, Fahr (Lots of options for stops on this trip - speak up and let us know where you want to go!).

Possible Trip: Eastern Alberta Beer Tour

Target Date: Summer 2019
Itinerary: Daytrip! Edmonton to St. Paul and Cold Lake
Possible Stops: Alley Kat, Sea Change, Lakeland, Cold Lake Brewing and Distilling, 4th Meridian, Ribstone Creek

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